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More Xbox 720 Rumors Surface

According to anonymous sources speaking to Kotaku, the next Xbox will support Blu-ray discs, and Kinect 2 will be introduced. But perhaps the biggest, and scariest, bit of information from the sources is the Xbox 720 will block gamers from playing used games. How the next Xbox will block used games was not shared, but a game could be linked to a specific Xbox Live account, although even that could easily be bypassed by playing offline.

The new Kinect would reportedly contain an on-board processor, allowing it to track a user’s movements much more effectively. The current Kinect system was originally going to have an on-board processor, but that feature was removed.  Other rumors mention that the Xbox 720 will be as much as eight times more powerful than the 360.  Check back with Player Affinity for more of the inevitable rumors about Microsoft's next console.


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