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Morning Glories #15 Review

To start this review I would just like to say that Morning Glories is one of my favorite series right now and I love how the series always surprises me. Something that makes me want to pick up every issue and get excited to read every issue is the mystery and never knowing what is going to happen next. Every issue gives you questions to ask yourself about the series and with each issue you feel like you are getting closer and closer to a solution.

In this issue three students of Morning Glories Academy Zoe, Hunter, and Jun are in search to find a red flag as part of their woodrun, which the school makes mandatory. As these three characters search for the flag we learn more about one character in particular and that is Zoe. We learn more about her past before Morning Glories and about a murder she committed, which we first learned about in issue seven. We find out about the aftermath of the murder and how this will affect her in Morning Glories Academy.

The cover for this issue had a good concept. It showed that Zoe would be the main character of this issue and the cover did not mislead us because she did play a major role in this issue. We learned a lot about her character just like how we learned a lot about her character back in issue seven. You can even say it was a continuation of that story. I also really liked the art for the cover. The art looked very realistic and I really liked the coloring for it. The only thing I did not like for the cover was that Zoe seemed liked she had very big eyes. So, in my opinion they could of made her eyes a little bit smaller.

Before issue seven I have to say I was not a big fan of Zoe, but it seems like when we get issues to learn more about these characters and see why they do the things they do I start to like the characters a lot more. That is something I really love about this series is that Nick Spencer does not squeeze all six characters into one issue, but we get to see each character or two characters shine in one issue. We get to learn more about the characters in each issue this way. So, I am glad to see that this was a Zoe and a little bit of a Hunter issue. We got to learn about Zoe and see why she is not the nicest person to people. We get to see in this issue the aftermath of her killing her English teacher before she went to Morning Glories. Then we get to see a cliffhanger in this issue that will affect her in Morning Glories Academy and that affected her in the past. It was a shocker and definitely builds up the mystery on Zoe’s character.

 Like I said earlier in this review this issue was a Hunter issue also. There were not many shocking things that happened in this issue with him, but there was one thing that surprised me a lot in this issue. The main mystery right now with Hunter is that he keeps seeing 8:13 on every clock he sees. In this issue we see that he may not be the only one because when Hunter asks Zoe to read the clock she says she sees 8:13 also. So, maybe all the six students see the same time and maybe this will help solve the mystery of exactly why they are in Morning Glories Academy and what makes them special.

The art in this issue and pretty much every issue I think fits the series very well. Even though this series is a mystery series we get to see light art, which is rare with mystery stories. With mystery stories we usually see very dark art, but I am glad that Morning Glories went a different route. Their art is very light I think it works with the characters and the story for this series. I also recognize with this issue that the art shows the expressions of the characters very well. The artist draws perfectly when a character is angry or being sarcastic. Sometimes you do not get to see that with other comic books.

I would say pick up this issue. It was a great read with some great pieces to the puzzle to add to this great mystery series. It also has some shocking moments especially in the end of the issue. I can’t wait to read the next issue and see how this mystery continues, but I hope we get some answers soon.





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