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Morning Glories #17 Review

Morning Glories is one of my favorite series that is out right now and probably one of my favorite series ever. The story is always entertaining and never let the readers the down to give us an element of mystery. I especially love that we get to see different point of views for each main character in the story. They don’t try to squeeze in all the main characters into one story, but gives every character a chance to shine in different issues.

As always, I thought this cover was great. I love the covers for every Morning Glories issue each month. The covers always have great art and a great concept. This cover has no exception. The art felt like it was real especially with the style of faded paper for the background.

In this issue Jade and Ike have a heart to heart. They talk about their pasts and ask a very burning question. Why are they at Morning Glories? What is their purpose for being there?

I really enjoyed this issue. I love how Nick Spencer can make even the characters I hate become enjoyable. Before this issue I was never a big fan of Jade and Ike. They were my least favorite characters out of all the main characters in the series. He made both their stories very interesting and made me want to love these characters.

This could be a very good start for a friendship between Jade and Ike. I hope I was not the only one who saw that they had chemistry. Ike for once actually was nice to someone, in his own way at least. I hope we get to see more between these two characters. They work very well together.

There were a lot of conversations in this issue that I thought was very enjoyable. We get to see Ike and Jade really connect. I think they both told their point of view very well on events of past issues. You can also see a connection when they talked about God. Both of their pasts had a connection with God and I think this could be one thing that can bring Ike and Jade together. I hope to see more of this in issues to come.

The only thing that I had a problem with this issue was that the background though out the whole issues was the same. Not that the story was affected by it, but I wish we could of saw a change of scenery.

The art was great for this issue. If you can have the same background through out the whole and still enjoy the issue you know the art is good. I love the art for this series and I hope it never changes. I love how Morning Glories is a perfect mystery story, but still has very light art. I hate when mystery stories have very dark art and than you cannot enjoy the story because of the art.

This was another great issue for Morning Glories. If you are not reading this series I recommend you start. It is a great series and it will always keep you on the edge of your seat. You will not be able to put it down. Pick this issue up! 



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