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Morning Glories #20 Review

Morning Glories is known for its twist and turns. It is the perfect mystery comic book series, and one of my favorite comic books. This series is not afraid to take risks, and  proved that when they killed off one of their main characters last issue.

The cover for this issue shows the readers that this is going to be a big Georgina and Lara centric story. We get to learn a lot more about these two characters. The art for this cover was also great. I am always very impressed by the art and concept for Morning Glories’ covers for every issue.

In this issue, we get to learn more about the back-story of Lara and Georgina as they try to win their father’s love. They will do what ever it takes to become headmaster of Morning Glories Academy to make their father happy, but only one sister can be headmaster.

This issue was another great story to add to the Morning Glories mystery. We learn more about Lara and Georgina, and exactly what their motives are in the present day at Morning Glories Academy. This whole entire series it looked like Lara was on the students side, but Lara has her own motives for being close to the students and taking Cassie away from Morning Glories Academy.

We get closer to learning what exactly the caves are in the forest. It is based on a story that Plato created, about a group of prisoners looking at the same wall for all of their lives. They have never seen anything, but the wall. The shadows on the wall, just like the caves in the forest, are not their shadows. These shadows belong to workers behind the prisoners, but the prisoners would never know they belonged to the workers because they have never seen anything other than the wall. So, the point of the story is that not everything is what it seems at Morning Glories Academy. I have feeling the caves hold a lot of the answers that everyone is looking for about Morning Glories Academy.

The art for this issue was great. I love that they never change the art style, every issue is just great Morning Glories art. Morning Glories proves that not every mystery comic book has to be dark. The art is light and works very well for the series.

If you are not reading Morning Glories I recommend you to pick up the series. But if you have been reading the series, issue 20 is a great addition to the story and it is must buy. You learn a lot about Lara and Georgina that will definetly be important in issues to come. 



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