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Morning Glories #22 Review

Morning Glories is one of my favorite comic book series. My favorite thing about the series is the mystery, but the mystery can also be a frustrating thing about the series. Sometimes there are too many questions and not enough answers.

The covers for this series are always great. Every month I look forward to them. You never know what exactly is going on for the cover until you finish reading the issue than the concept makes sense. This cover does that same exact thing. You know exactly why Hunter is running by the end of the issue.

In this issue, Hunter teams up with the “new” Morning Glories gang. But why does this new gang need Hunter's help? What exactly are these new characters up to?

This story is a great continuation from the last issue, which introduced the new morning glories group. I read the last issue and this issue back to back. Since I did that I saw how much these two issues flow together. Morning Glories is starting a new mystery with the new characters, and two old characters from the series. It makes for an interesting combination of characters. In my opinion it made Hunter shine in this issue. I never realized how funny he could be. He was a great comic relief. Especially since he was around such serious characters dealing with serious situations. He lightened the mode a lot throughout this story.

Even though I enjoyed this story, I don’t think it was a great idea to have added these new characters just yet. I think maybe once the whole series is over we may see why Nick Spencer added these characters now instead of later. But if you read this series issue by issue it can be a little frustrating to see Nick Spencer add these new characters when we still know nothing about our old main characters. Where are Jade, Ike, and Cassie? When will we see them again? We haven’t seen story with them in months. I just hope when more issues comes out we get to see how these new group of kids connect with our old group of kids.


As I said in the beginning of this review it is frustrating to have so many questions and so little answers. One question being, what is the purpose of these new characters? Morning Glories may be a better series for trade, but I still love this series. I can’t wait to see how everything will tie together even if it may take a while to see it connect together.

The art for this issue is perfect Morning Glories art. I always complement the art for this series. It is very rare to see plain and colorful art in a mystery comic book series. Morning Glories makes simple, work. It shows that not all mystery comic books have to have dark art.

This issue had some good story, and even better cliffhangers that will make you want to keep reading. I just hope we get to see some answers to this mystery story in the upcoming issues. Pick up this issue!



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