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You would think that by the third sell out Image would learn to just print more issues to begin with, but no, no they didn't learn that yet. Morning Glories has been the most talked about Indie book and very likely Shadowline's best seller thus far. So it should come as no surprise that the second issue is going back for a third printing and that the third issue (which hasn't been released yet) is also going back for a second print. Also released from Image and Shadowline, is a batch of teasers with the same phrase and flower on each of the teasers. I will say that the Marvel style marketing is really paying off for Image. Nick Spencer must love it as well, since he's become comics new golden boy with projects with Robert Kirkman and Marvel already underway for next year. Personally I just finish "Bad Kids go to Hell" so that I could see for myself any comparison between the two, but one day, one day soon I read this damn book.
Morning Glories #3 2nd Print
Teaser 1 MG
Teaser 2 MG
Teaser 3 MGAnd the Morning Glories hype continues!


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