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Most Promising Upcoming Xbox Live Arcade Games

There have been a significant amount of games announced for the 2011 season for Xbox Live Arcade. Naturally there will be several games that flop but here are some titles  that gamers can look forward to.

One game in particular that I am personally looking forward to is Hunter-Killer by Zombie Studios. The comic book on which the game is based was made by the legendary Marc Silvestri also known for making Wtichblade and The Darkness.  The game might be described as a mixture of Megaman X and Extreme and Deus Ex.. Hunter-Killer has no date announced as of yet but is definitely a game to keep in mind.

The successful vampire series Bloodrayne returns in Bloodrayne Betrayal as a 2D sidescrolling arcade game. Majesco Entertainment is the developer working on what looks to be an epic game (they also published the first two Bloodrayne games) The blood filled game trailer says it all, showing some double bladed, blood sucking vampire action. Betrayal will follow in the footsteps of the first two Bloodraynes for all you Rayne fans, it will also features new characters, great puzzles, and a number of deadly weapons. This game will be released sometime this summer.

Other Ocean Interactive announced on June 3rd, 2011 that it is working on a War of the Worlds game. The book by H.G. Wells, turned movie, will now be turned into a video game that puts players in what was once Tom Cruises shoes. You will be a lone character stuck in a crazy 1950’s London setting and will have to use your wits to escape the destruction around you, in a 2D battle against an alien race that invades and unleashes chaos.  The game will mirror the story of the 1953 movie with a new arc, new locations, and new characters it will be available this summer. Other Ocean Interactive plans to give the first look at this game during this week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Keep an eye out this week fore more information.

Finally, the sweet girl that fell down the rabbit hole is back in the twisted wonderland in Alice Madness Returns.   Plus the first Alice game from over ten years ago, American McGee’s Alice will finally get an Xbox port as a downloadable Arcade game. Set to drop next week on June 14th this game promises to provide a wonderland like you have never seen before.  With a combination of combat and puzzles, Alice will seek to woo gamers with this twist on Alice in Wonderland with an Alice that’s not so sweet.

Check back with Player Affinity throughout the summer for more about these and other promising Xbox Live Arcade games


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