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MOVE Now Available

After months of build up the PS3’s own motion controller is finally with us. MOVE is released today simultaneously across North America and Europe.

In the US the $99 bundle pack will get you the PlayStation Move motion controller, PlayStation Eye camera and a Demo disc.

Alternatively, if you already have an Eye Toy camera (which is required to use MOVE), or if you want an additional wand then the Move motion controller is priced at $49.99 on its own.

There is also a Navigation Controller ($29.99) available with an analogue stick which acts to give extra control for things such as easy character movement. But it is possible to use a normal Dual Shock controller instead of the Navigation Controller.

Some of the games that are designed to work with MOVE which are out now include: Sports Champions, Fung Fu Rider, and Start the Party. Some older games which are getting updates to support MOVE include: Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition, Heavy Rain, and MAG.


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