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Move over Killzone and Crysis, Rage is here

In the last few years certain technical benchmarks have been surpassed. The biggest was done by Crysis, which combined unbelievable graphics with sandbox gameplay to create a phenomenal game. It was a technical marvel past its graphics too, since it had extremely dynamic physics and destructible environments. The next big benchmark was set by Killzone, which had great graphics and... well that's about it, but it sure did look pretty. With both of their sequels being shown at E3 this year, they're still stunningly good looking games, but are they at the very top anymore? No, if you ask me. Id's Rage has clawed its way to the top. So far, it's the nearest we've come to the coveted "Pixar quality graphics" look.

Besides just looking at polygons and textures, Rage is the only game of these three with an original art style. Crysis is extremely realistic looking and Killzone is space marine themed with muted colors. Rage has a Mad Max meets Mars look to it, which far surpasses Fallout 3 and Borderlands. In addition, the animation of its character models creates a very fluid look. In Crysis 2's defense, Crytek did somewhat make the mistake of showing off the wrong part of the game. Traversing an open world New York City is far more interesting than a bland interior shootout. Luckily, they eventually did show us the good stuff, which there is a video below of. Obviously, none of these three games are done, so some change is bound to happen. However, as it stands now, Rage is at the top of the mountain technologically in gaming. Take a look at the videos below and let us know what you think.



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