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Ms. Splosion Man – Pink Death Awaits

Those horrible, evil scientists at Big Science are at it again.  Back in 2009 they created an insane, mutated exploding man named Splosion Man, but this time around they’ve mixed sugar, spice and everything nitroglycerin to make the exploding woman called Ms. Splosion Man.  Note the neo-feminist “Ms.” instead of the old-fashioned “Miss” like in Miss Pac Man.  Yes, Ms. Splosion Man is one of them liberated dames, and she’ll probably blow you up if you call her a dame to her face.

For those not familiar with the original Splosion Man, it’s a very popular XBLA platformer game by Twisted Pixel, the developer that created The Maw and Comic Jumper. The first game in the Splosion Man series was a surprise hit for Xbox Live arcade two years ago, and the silly platformer quickly drew a following due to its humor and clever gameplay mechanic which involved a protagonist who could explode at will to perform jumps, or destroy nearby objects for solving puzzles- not to mention blow up bad guys.  It had a lengthy single-player campaign, and an equally impressive multiplayer mode too, plus lots of humor. 

One of the funny little gags in Splosion Man is that if you died enough on a level, you could skip it, through a feature called “The Way Of The Coward”.  However, doing so meant that you’re character had to run around in a pink tutu.  Well someone at the developer must have a fondness for pink frilly things, because the sequel is crammed with girliness.  Although Tutus have yet to be confirmed, your new protagonist is a pink, giggly mutant with sky-blue eyeshadow and lovely eyelashes.  She’ll prance her way through fifty single-player levels and another fifty multiplayer levels too.

Aside from the addition of pretty ribbons for your hair and lots of make-up, the game also has new rail-riding sequences and some other features new to the series, including something called “Two Girls, One Controller Mode”.  This mode lets a player control two characters at the same time to complete levels that require cooperation between two characters onscreen (And hopefully has nothing to do with the internet meme that spawned the name).  Also new to the Splosion games are jump pads and cannons for launching your sploding character around the levels.

The core gameplay will remain the same otherwise, with players guiding Ms. Splosion Man around Big Science labs, possibly in an attempt to rescue Splosion Man who is captured by the scientists at the start of the game.  Preview footage shows the same sort of splody puzzling and platforming from the original, so fans of the first game should be optimistic about this sequel.  In fact, platformer fans in general should take note of this series as Ms. Splosion Man looks to be a very good example of the genre.

Ms. Splosion Man is an XBLA exclusive, and she’ll blast her way onto the system July 13th at the price of 800 Microsoft points, or ten dollars.  You can see the official teaser trailer below.


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