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Ms. ‘Sposion Man In Action

If the XBLA platformer had too much testosterone for you, there's a sequel coming that has all the flowers, ribbons, and make-up you could ever ask for.  Ms. 'Splosion Man adds a Girl Power twist to the exploding person genre and you can get a look at the pink and sparkly gameplay in this E3 trailer.  Expect both praise and condemnation from women in all aspects of the media.

The gameplay and story seem to be much the same as her predecessor; when Big Scientists accidently create an exploding woman, she proceeds to 'splode, jump, giggle and prance her way through a lengthy arcade adventure, all the while spouting girly one-liners like "I must!  I Must! I MUST increase my Bust!" and "Who left the toilet seat up".  I can't tell if this game is marketed at women, or if it's a parody of girly games, but it sure gives me a craving for ponies and toenail polish.

Release date and price aren't available yet, but I'd guess we can expect her to hit XBLA by the end of the year.  Just remember, that's "Ms." not Miss or Mrs.


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