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Mulan Meets Cyberpunk

Mulan meets cyberpunk. Hopefully she still has Eddie Murphy around to guide her, because she may just need all the help she can get! You heard that right, creator Robert Alter has decided to continue the legend of Mulan with a science-fiction twist. Hold on to your jet boots! Mulan: Revelations is a mini-series about a future in which high-tech is high-priced. A virus threatens to kill all of humanity and a new Mulan has been chosen to save the world. The mini-series will be written by Marc Andreyko (Batwoman, Manhunter) and drawn by Micah Kaneshiro (Blackout, Broken Pieces). Dark Horse Comics PR boasts the series will “excite fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Mass Effect.” I have to admit, despite the premise sounding a bit too far-fetched for my taste, that endorsement does sound interesting. [caption id="attachment_71509" align="aligncenter" width="390"]Mulan Revelations #1
Mulan: Revelations #1 Cover
[/caption] This concept sounds a bit batty to me… but it still got me to write a news story about it because I’m also a little intrigued by how out of left field it is. This could easily be a cybernetic disaster of epic proportions, but it could still be enjoyable to read. I guess we’ll find out when Mulan: Revelations #1 is released on June 24th, 2015 for $3.99. You definitely don’t hear about a comic like this every dynasty.


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