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My Top 20 Villains Of All Time – Part One

For every hero in the multiple comic book universes, there have always been villains. I believe some villains can be totally amazing whereas others, not so much. I have decided to make my own list. This is Part One of my countdown to the greatest villain of all time. I am going to span multiple companies and their respective characters. I am going to try and avoid using the many villains of a singular hero, so I will not do a massive chunk of one rogues gallery of say... Batman.

20. He is a Marvel character and part of Spiderman's rogues gallery, he is The Sandman. I reckon his powers are pretty cool and I do like his character. First appearing in The Amazing Spiderman #4 and has been a staple villain since. Not only has he been a constant threat to Spiderman but also to The Incredible Hulk and The Fantastic Four. He has even tried changing his ways, only to be brought back to the “evil side”.

19. This guy is a clown but not from DC. He is known simply as the Clown, until he revealed his true identity... the Violator. A being from Hell, he was originally set to help Spawn discover his powers only to turn on him and fight him. First appearing in Spawn #1 he has constantly been a thorn in Al Simmons’ side. When not dealing with Spawn he also seeks to corrupt the children and gang bosses of New York. He is also just a very ugly guy. Oh I forgot to mention, he eats children's hearts (that's kinda sick).

18. Ok, this next villain is not exactly one person, but a group they are The Crossed. These sick, twisted people are affected by a virus that brings out the very darkness that is generally locked up within every person. First appearing in Crossed #1, they have been made into a “Crossed Universe” of sorts where writers can make their own stories with The Crossed as the backdrop.


    17. He is the leader of the Foot Clan. Yup, that's right, Shredder. He goes back to my childhood where I thought he was the coolest villain ever. An excellent hand to hand combatant and tactician. He uses manipulation of other villains to benefit his own diabolical plans to destroy the turtles once and for all. First appearing in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1, he was always a threat.

    16. He is a psychotic matador/ninja who wears a mask and uses three claws. His name is Vega (Balrog in Japan). Though he has not been in any where near as many comics as some of the villains, he has always been stuck in my mind and I truly believe he is one that cannot be forgotten. Having killed his stepfather for killing his mother, he slowly developed split personality which helped him in his violent ways. First appearing in the comic world in Street Fighter #1, he has always been a constant and violent threat to the protagonists.

    Vega -SF4Alright, these guys are just a warm up to my list of ultimate comic book villains of all time. I will submit “Part Two” of my list next week. Comment with your own lists and let me know whom you would have in these same positions for your favorite villains.


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