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My Top Ten Comic Books

 When my editor told me "you got to pick your top ten books"  I said to him no way I'm not choosing between my children. Then he said dude-- your top ten comic books... And I replied: Oh... Oh.. Books...In that case then... Ill do it. But the truth is, its not easy. I have been reading comics for twenty years, that is a lot of funny pages right there. Besides if I go into a top ten, Alan Moore's books alone could fill that list but for the sake of variety I will only put a few of then on the list. Now the task of a filling a top ten out so many books might leave some books that I love out of the list but a list of ten is so limited. But I guess I have to do it.

Ok to start let me get  Alan Moore out of the way. Now this is just a list, the value of the book is off no importance... meaning, if I put a book at number ten doesn't mean I don't like it in fact consider these books as number ones. So in a way this is a list of my number one books.

Saga of the Swamp Thing:  by Alan Moore. This is a series of books but vol. One, is one of my favorites because it recreates the character right from the start the anatomuy lesson is one of the coolest revamp a character could ever have. The tone of the book is so eerie makes you feel like like a kid hearing a creepy ghost story. Over all, all of Moore's run is amazing but volume one shows that Moore knew what he was doing right from the start.

Saga of the Swamp Thing

: after I read this book, my way of seeing comics as a medium changed forever. The scene of Rorschach, killing the kipnaper who feed a kid to the dogs stuck with me like the memory of lost love. The complexity of the book an the amount of detail gives the book new life every time you read it.

The Golden Age
: this book show me that whatever character no matter how old. could be cool if written properly.The series also shows the meaning of heroism and is a perfect period piece that birth an origin to the silver age.

The Golden Age Collected

The Ultimates
: The first series. This book is a great movie adaptation of the Avengers. High octane action, snazzy dialog. the book is true to transporting the characters to modern times. It also has one of my favorite lines of all times.You think this A in myforehead stands for France!

ultimate book 1
n Year One: The best batman story ever. So simple and so urban. The story is told so perfectly, one could wonder if BruceWayne story could happen in real life.

Ultimate Spider-Man vol. One
: Is modern, hip and the most human character in a super human world.

Ultimate Spider-Man 1 Cover

of the Crime: Brubraker's book of a modern private eye. This series could be a great tv show. Is a mix 40s noir with amodern twist that will mesmerize your mind.

scene of the crime

Ancient Joe
: Scott Morse's story of folkrore in a tropical setting. Is all set in a simple small world but it will immerse you in a giagantic heartfelt emotional story that only Scott Morse knows how to tell.
Ancient Joe

Stray Bullets vol 1: The humanity of the book intensifies the drama giving the violence of the book a haunting real life appeal thatrarely are found in any medium.

Stray Bullets Vol 1 Cover

The Nightly News
: Revolution is the name media is the game. A fight against the most powerful tool in the world the 
media. Told in a unique format both in art and script. The story reads more like a documentary and at times enforces truths that a reader could relate with. This is almost a real life story.  If you like the movie thenetwork you will love this book. After you read this book you might look at the news with a different perspective.

The Night News

Like I said before, probably the are books that I like that should be here in this list but either I forgot or simply there is no room for them in this article. A top ten list means nothing but the books that shape your way of thinking means everything. Go read and find your top books.


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