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Mysterious Ways #1 – Review

This horror title from Top Cow will feel oddly familiar to Image fans: the art, plot and dialogue are all reminiscent of one of the many series from Image which came out in the 90's. These titles ranged from downright stupid to sub-par, and sub-par is where Mysterious Ways #1 is. The art is mediocre and the characters somewhat stereotypical, but some interesting elements are introduced that make the next issue something to look forward to, if only slightly. In Mysterious Ways an alcoholic cop is struggling to put his life back together after being released from prison for saving a guard's life. His life takes another backward spiral when he wakes up with a silver piece and the news that he is the prime suspect in a murder investigation with an abnormal agent hot on his trail. Top Cow's Mysterious Ways #1 Cover by Tyler KirkhamThe plot created by Jason Rubin, co-creator of the Crash Bandicoot games, is interesting and the best part of the issue. It's a simple but effective set-up with lots of mystery in it. They were not kidding with the title. Nothing is answered in this first issue, which leaves a huge amount of curiosity about where the series will go. What is the story behind the agent desperately trying to catch Sam? Who is the odd old man that saved Sam's life? And why was Sam arrested before? After reading this issue it's impossible not to want to read the next one just to find out at least one of the answers to these questions. But most of this issue fails to bring the intrigue that the plot and mystery surrounding it bring. Sam is neither sympathetic and only slightly interesting because of his dark past. He seems very stock, without much depth that he needs to develop in future issues. Right now he is only the average alcoholic cop you have read about before with less detail and more attitude. The agent chasing him is also pretty stock, barely muttering a word with quite a few secrets of his own. The first issue does accomplish what it needs to by just introducing the characters and leaves the "getting to know them part" for (hopefully) the next issue. The art from Tyler Kirkham (Green Lantern Corps) is what makes the issue most reminiscent of Image comics from the 90's. There are some unneeded lines on the characters, but the lighting and other colors are used well. The reactions on the characters' faces can be great, especially with Sam who's mood you can always seem to tell by just looking at his face. But with all the new and innovative art in Top Cow's other titles, this title takes a step back and is more mediocre, reminding me more specifically of the artwork seen in older issues of Spawn. Reading this comic is like stepping back in time to the 90's, but the better part of the 90's. It shows promise for a future series which needs to develop its characters and solve some of the mysteries set down by this issue. The premise is great, with mediocre art that still fits the mood well but could be better. If you do pick up this issue you will feel compelled to at least pick up the next to get answers, if nothing else.


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