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Mystery Society #1

Searching for a purpose in life is a difficult thing. Finding someone to share a bond with in life is an equally daunting task. That's one thing Nick Hammond and Anastasia Collins have, a very special bond. Something that this husband and wife share with each other within their exclusive Mystery Society.

Reporters for GNN, Tom Thomas and Jessica Finch introduce co-founder of the Mystery Society, Nick Hammond. He is being escorted to Hover maximum security prison to be sentenced for a string of charges. Ranging from breaking and entering to grave robbery. But before the charismatic Nick Hammond starts his stint, he breaks his long silence to the press and feeds into the media pandemonium and shares some of the secrets that his Mystery Society holds.                                                                                             https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/MS1-705968.jpg

The beginning of the end starts as Nick stealthy infiltrates Area 51, while receiving tidbits of information from a conspiracy book filled with government secrets from his wife Anastasia, via headset. The purpose of this particular trip is the search for X2X. A project that the government is secretly testing on a pair of twins from the 50's. Anastasia explains that a secret like the twins will be kept in the lowest levels the the compound with a slew of security.

Meanwhile, Anastasia receives an unexpected and rude guest... The Secret Skull, who wants to have a few words with Nick. The two discuss it over a rowdy bout until the Secret Skull submits. Back at Area 51, Nick makes short work of the various obstacles that attempt to slow him down. The resistance includes guards, random scientists, the local robotic mech defense and even an old acquaintance a General that is in command of Area 51 and all of its secrets. Nick finds and frees the twins but with a Mech suit of his own the General is ready to stop Nick before he can escape with the girls.

Mystery Society is exactly what an IDW book should be. Starting with the stellar art, thanks to Fiona Staples (North 40), her style compliments the book so well it's hard not to fall in love with it. It has this noir pulp style that makes each panel a treat. Throw in the witty writing from Steve Niles (40 Days of Night) and Ashley Wood (Popbot) and there is so much to enjoy. These two comic greats have come together and created something that is vastly entertaining and practically limitless in possibilities. It really feels like Niles has grown as a writer from his first stint at IDW. Perhaps it's Woods and his angle that adds to the balance? Nevertheless it works in spades. From the premises to the snappy dialog between the characters Mystery Society oozes with that certain greatness and charm that every comic book should have. Perhaps the single best thing about the Mystery Society, is that it brings a comic dream team of Niles, Woods and Staples together for the masses.


Story – 9.5

Plot – 10

Art – 10

Overall - 9.8



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