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Myths & Legends #4 – Review

We’re four issues into this series and there’s an underlining mystery to everything that’s happening in the book, but it is taking way too get to the point. This issue opens with Brittany as a girl at the zoo… talking to the wolves. That’s right the little girl that talks to wolves is now in charge of psychiatric care for a mental institution. After that we’re thrust back into the group as the security guard starts beating on the girl that cuts herself asking what happened (note: This is the second time he's kicked her ass). Problem, if you didn’t read the last issue it’s not clear to you what happened. No one recaps it in dialog other than to say that the girl should know something that she clearly doesn't.

Then the security guard explains that he found the dead janitors from the second issue and the remaining survivors barricade themselves in the director’s office. That is until Brittany remembers one of the kids is restrained by himself in the hospital. Everyone is dying around them and they’re finally secure and she wants to go save the kid that no one knows about from harm’s way? Well the other doctor who’s in love with her decides to go out and leads the wolf right to him getting both the doctor and patient killed. The wolf then takes the form of the doc and gets into the room with the rest of the survivors. He kills a few of them and they run like hell into the woods and still Brittany wants to go back for the few that didn’t make it out.

Myth and Legends #4 Cover BAny interest in this story has been completely wiped out by this ridiculous issue. The characters are all idiots and not a single one of them has any voice of reason. No one stands up and say this is a bad idea and here's why. They just go with it until they're dead. The “storm” that’s moving in is just a thunderstorm which I can’t see being that dangerous or having any reason to trap anyone in one location. Brittany is the biggest idiot as her caring heart puts others in danger. I’m all fine for not wanting to leave anyone behind, but when it gets four people killed I have to say no more leadership advice from you, you get people killed. Especially the kid that the wolf didn't know about. I think he would have liked to have been left alone so that he could survive! The characters are at best two dimensional and frankly no one’s name is worth remembering since they’re all going to die by the next issue. I couldn't even be bothered to read through the issue twice to find their names out, they were that forgetable of characters.

The art is still mediocre at best. The artist is great at drawing the Big Bad Wolf and other wolves as well, but really struggles with the human form. It comes across as nit-picky but all of the male characters have horrible haircuts that look like Donald Trump’s hair piece. It’s just really distracting to see them all with the same hair and to look really bad. Also proportions are still a problem as the security guard looks like a giant compared to the teens, but then shrinks in size when next to the other adults. It wouldn’t be so noticeable if the other adults weren’t similar in size with the teens.

With issue #4 I found myself still trying to figure out what this book is about? Why this wolf that can change its shape is hunting down this woman and why couldn’t he just follow her home and kill her there? The entire premise fells forced and the reveal of the “mystery” surrounding Brittany is taking far too long to develop and be revealed. If you’re enjoying the series so far then keep reading this book, its for you and only you. If you’re looking for a quality story and real substance then pass on this series all together.

Overall Score – 3.0/10



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