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Nancy In Hell On Earth #1 – Review

Blood. Gore. Violence. Voluptuous babes. Hell on Earth. This is the world of Nancy Simmons and her lover, Lucifer. In all honesty, Nancy In Hell On Earth has to be one of the most ridiculously absurd comics I have read in a long while, but I cherished every minute of it. With a ludicrous story that one would only could only find in a grindhouse movie (or in this case, a comic), and amazing artwork that can be compared to that of Geoff Darrow’s, El Torres and Enrique Lorenzana have come out with one that is making me pray for more (pun intended). 

Nancy In Hell On Earth

Now, I never read the original series that this is following (Nancy In Hell), but El Torres manages to give you the low-down in a very quick and succinct manner that feels natural with the story. In short, a psychotic man-turned-demon named Mr. Macabre went to Earth to kill a girl (Nancy Simmons) who had enough will and strength to refuse to let Hell devour her soul. While doing this, Nancy also managed to make The Fallen Angel (widely known as Lucifer) fall in love with her. After falling in love, the sweet couple opens the gates of hell and goes back to Earth together. Unbeknownst to the sweet couple, however, was the fact that the gates remained open, thus unleashing hell on Earth… Enter Nancy In Hell On Earth.

Needless to say, this story is insane, and definitely not for everyone, but what did you expect from a comic with this title? With that said, the content in this comic is very extreme, to say the least, and those who would prefer to stay away from lots of violence and boobs should definitely skip over this one. But for those who are willing to take the plunge, you shall be rewarded greatly, not only with this insane story I just described to you, but also with the incredible artwork.

When reading this comic, I honestly thought it was done by Geoff Darrows at some points because of the shear amount of detail produced in every frame in this issue. I will say that there were some points on the comic that lacked the detail that inhabited the rest of the comic (most significantly on the close-ups), but they weren’t enough for me to disregard the quality of the artwork shown here.Enrique Lopez Lorenzana is not a name that I have heard of within the comic book community, but you can bet after this issue that I will be looking for him more intently throughout the weeks.

Overall, I’ve gotta say that I loved this issue.  Maybe it’s because of how random the series seemed to me… Or maybe it was because I had never heard of El Torres and Enrique Lorenzana before, and they caught me off guard with the element of surprise… But I really know why. El Torres and Enrique Lorenzana are doing what many are afraid to do in this business: have fun and blatantly not give a f*ck. Comics are art, you either love it or you hate it, and that is exactly what can said about Nancy In Hell On Earth… and quite frankly, I just loved it. If  you have the galls to pick up this comic, you won’t be disappointed.



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