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Naomie Harris Might Be the Next Bond Girl

"Bond 23" is a project that has slowly but surely been coming together. We don’t know much about the project other than that Sam Mendes (American Beauty) has taken on directing duties while Daniel Craig and Dame Judi Dench will reprise their roles as 007 and M, respectively. However, we now know who might be playing one of the Bond girls thanks to a British tabloid of all things.

Entertainment Weekly
relays that the tabloid News of the World reported that Naomie Harris of "Pirates of the Caribbean" fame might star in the film as a Bond girl. Nothing’s official just yet, but she has been discussing the tentatively titled “23” with the filmmakers.

The same tabloid has stated that Javier Bardem and Ralph Fiennes have both been offered the role of the villain. It’s not safe to entirely trust the tabloid just yet, but we can’t discount it at the moment either.


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