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Natalie Portman negotiating to star in “Gravity”

Natalie Portman is reportedly “in active negotiations” to take the leading role in Alfonso Cuaron’s sci-fi epic Gravity. At least that’s what The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision Blog is saying. Portman was offered the part shortly after her latest film, the psychological thriller Black Swan, premiered to raves at the Venice Film Festival. If she does take on the part, she will portray a woman in space trying to get back to her family. Robert Downey Jr. is currently attached to the project.

Portman isn’t officially signed on yet, so don’t be surprised if these “active negotiations” fall through by the end of the week. If Portman declines, Sandra Bullock is next in line for the role. The actress has been offered a variety of roles since winning an Oscar for The Blind Side earlier this year. She is currently attached to Stephen Daldry’s upcoming drama Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. The casting turmoil began when Angelina Jolie refused to star in the film not once but twice.

Whether or not this whole business concerning Portman is actually true, an actress needs to be cast very soon. If an official decision isn’t made soon, Downey Jr. might have to abandon the project to work on The Avengers and Sherlock Holmes 2.


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