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Nathan Fillion campaigns to be Nathan Drake

A film adaptation of the wildly popular “Uncharted” series was inevitable especially since the games themselves are touted as highly cinematic experiences (they are). In the case of the first game adaptation, “Drake's Fortune,” it has been a troubled ride, with cast and crew dropping out and Sony trying to keep the show together. Recently, news came down that director David O. Russell (I Heart Huckabees, The Fighter) had returned to the adaptation after departing and now Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog) has taken to his Twitter account to campaign for the starring role of treasure hunter Nathan Drake.

It's not an uninteresting tactic and one that can prove effective for Fillion. Being a staple of Joss Whedon's universe (Whedon being tapped for the upcoming “Avengers” film) gives Fillion a major cult following in the entertainment world, not to mention he has over 650,000 followers on his Twitter alone.

Fillion can definitely pull off the roguish character with a sharp sense of humor, much like the character of Nathan Drake. One argument against him is that he may look a little older for the role of Drake (Fillion pushing 40 and Drake's being undetermined). Regardless, what he may lack in physical similarities to Drake, Fillion can more than make up for in charm and charisma.

Which could be all it takes to land the role, as he is no stranger to action-oriented material. The issue is that if Sony is looking to produced the first high-quality video game adaptation, would Fillion be a big enough name to carry the weight of an entire potential franchise?

With Russell back as director, Sony is definitely looking to keep moving forward on “Drake's Fortune.” Time will tell how they respond to Fillion and whether or not Fillion's campaign for the role will have an effect on the casting process.

You can read Fillion's Tweet here.


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