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NBA Jam is On Fire This Year

EA Sports may not be delivering a roster update to NBA Jam on consoles, but they are planning a sequel. The publisher announced recently that they’re working on a new installment called NBA Jam: On Fire Edition.

The new Jam will include better AI, a co-op “Road Trip” mode, where you and a friend go up against legends and current stars from every NBA team, and some enhancements based on fan feedback. The other interesting part to this story is that it will be a downloadable release only on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

While last year’s NBA Jam was originally announced as an exclusive to Wii, it eventually slipped out that if you purchased NBA Elite 11 on either Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, you would get a code to download an HD and online capable version of NBA Jam without certain modes such as the Remix Tour.

Once NBA Elite was scrapped, that downloadable title now became a boxed retail release, and contained all the modes included with the once-exclusive Wii edition.

So far there’s no word on a release date, or if there are any plans for a Wii edition or any boxed release at all.


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