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NBC Announces Fall Schedule

Wasting no time, NBC kicked off network Upfronts this week by laying out its schedule for the Fall season, as well as some of their plans for mid-season. Whether it's shows returning or a different premiere date for a series; TV Line had all the changes the network plans to make, which were plenty.

Returning Thursdays to the tried and true format; two hours of comedy and one of drama, will likely be a smart move for NBC if they can find a strong enough drama to close the night. Maria Bello will try to do just that as she leads the cast in the UK import, Prime Suspect. Also shaking up Thursdays will be 30 Rock push to mid-season and Parks and Recreation (don't worry it's not getting bumped to January...again) returning to its old spot following Community, so that comedian Whitney Cumming's self titled series can benefit from The Office lead in.

NBC will try to expand on their “Must See” sitcoms by creating an hour-long comedy block on Wednesdays with new shows, Up All Night and Free Agents. Harry's Law will be following them in its new time slot. Chuck also got moving orders, unfortunately for its fans, it was to Friday night, also known as the ratings dead zone. The new series Grimm will be following it, which seems to indicate NBC doesn't have much faith in the series or wants to see if it can fight it's way out of the bottom. Premiering on Monday nights will be the risqué series(or so they would have us believe), The Playboy Club, that stirred up gossip over a nudity clause in actors' contracts. How much skin NBC is really ready to show on Monday nights remains to be seen, as does the quality of all these new and returning shows.


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