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NBC Gives Pilot Production Commitment to J.J. Abrams and Eric Kripke Project

Deadline had the exclusive on the new project from the creative minds behind Lost (one of them anyway) and Supernatural. Not much is known about Revolution at this point, as Abrams is always tight lipped on his new series, but what is known is that the script penned by Kripke has been given a pilot production commitment by NBC. The action adventure thriller will be produced by Bad Robot and Warner Bros.

With all the plates he is already spinning, J.J. Abrams will surely be keeping his name in the news whether Revolution is picked up or not. Fringe is moving into its fourth season, just after Person of Interest, one of the new series from his production company, recently premiered, and Alcatraz is set to start as a midseason replacement early next year. Abrams is also maintaining a presence on the big screen with a sequel to Star Trek.

Eric Kripke is keeping busy after stepping down as show runner of Supernatural. Already set to adapt the DC comic series Deadman for The CW, Kripke will be pulling double duty on both series as writer and executive producer.

Bryan Burk, who has worked with Abrams on most of his projects, will join alongside him and Kripke to produce Revolution.


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