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NBC Goes to Siberia

NBC has acquired the 13-episode drama series Siberia, a mystery drama set in Tunguska, a remote Siberian territory believed to be a location in which a meteoroid or a comet crashed in 1908. The show focuses on a group of reality show contestants who are unaware of the site’s mysterious past. Things go downhill when a contestant is gravely injured and no help arrives, and the rest of the contestants quickly realize that the strange happenings are not just part of the show and they must set aside the competition in order to band together to survive the very real dangers that surround them. The series is said to take after The Blair Witch Project, but it sounds more like “Lost: Siberia” than anything else. The show is wrapping up production and set to premiere on Monday July 1, 2013 at 10 pm. It will join the other summer series slated to air in the network: the drama Crossing Lines and the dramedy Camp. The series was created by Matthew Arnold.

The show extends NBC’s relationship with Sierra/Engine Television, as the company also distributes Crossbones, the drama series starring John Malkovich that is set to air on the network. NBC’s scheduling chief, Jeff Bader, has this to say about the new series: “The concept of survival, when mysterious elements are at play, makes for a compelling show.”



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