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NBC Offers Full-season ‘Holidays Catch-up’ for TV Shows

According to a press release from NBC, starting Monday, December 19, the network has made available online all already aired episodes of some of its new fall shows, including Up All Night, Whitney, and Grimm. The move, which is part of NBC's annual holiday "catch-up," also includes all previously aired episodes of the current season of Parenthood. The episodes will be available online until each show's scheduled broadcast return in January 2012.

Also, fans of The Voice can watch the complete first season online until the return of the surprise hit in February next year.

All this comes as no surprise, given NBC's attitude with digital content. The network's iPad app is free and has recently expanded its offering with several prime time scripted shows — whose last five episodes are available for free.

It is worth mentioning that Hulu, the streaming video website, is a joint venture between NBCUniversal (NBC), News Corporation (Fox), The Walt Disney Company (ABC), and Providence Equity Partners (No network, but apparently a fondness for investment in the media and entertainment business).


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