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NBC Orders Superhero Comedy Pilot

Another Superhero show might soon be coming to a TV near you, this time on NBC. According to Deadline, the network ordered a pilot titled Powerless that is set in the DC Comic Universe. The show will be a workplace comedy similar to The Office, except in Powerless, employees have to also deal with heroes and supervillains. Ben Queen (A to Z) is already on board to executive produce and write the series. At this time there there hasn’t been any news on whether or not popular DC Universe characters will make an appearance or if the show will make it past the pilot, but according to Deadline, the series will most likely concentrate on normal/unknown characters living in a world where superhumans exist, similar to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The show will concentrate on the reality of working life for a powerless person in a world of superheros and villains. A superhero comedy seems like the next logical step after so many superhero dramas have found success, but will Powerless be powerful enough to help bring back the NBC comedy block?


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