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NBC To Air Final Three Episodes of Community In One Night

Evidently, NBC is no stranger to drama. The network has -- in a questionable move -- decided that on May 17th it will air the final three episodes of Community in one night, creating a 'mini marathon.'  While networks typically do this to 'burn off' remaining episodes of a show, it seems that NBC to have a final gauge in testing the popularity of the show, increasing the tension among fans of a possible season four.  Each episode -- in typical Community fashion -- will also have a Breaking Bad reference somewhere in it. Check below for descriptions of the final three episodes. 

Community Cast 

The First Chang Dynasty” will air at 8pm ET/PT and will feature the long awaited takeover of Greendale by Chang (Ken Jeong) with his teenage security force. The study group infiltrates the campus during Chang’s birthday party and Jeff (Joel McHale) devises a plan while Troy (Donald Glover) comes up with one of his own with the help of Vice Dean Laybourne (John Goodman). This will then lead into a new episode of 30 Rock.

Introduction to Finality” will air at 9pm ET/PT and will involve Jeff facing off against former law firm colleague Alan Connor (Rob Coddry). Jeff will be representing Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) and Alan will be with Pierce (Chevy Chase) as the two again have a dispute over their sandwich shop. Meanwhile Vice Dean Laybourne puts his final plan into action to recruit Troy into his Air Conditioning Repair program.

Digital Estate Planning” will be the season finale airing at 9:30pm ET/PT and will revolve around a Pierce discussing his inheritance with his deceased father’s former partner, Gilbert Lawson played by Breaking Bad‘s Giancarlo Esposito. The study group gives him moral support and plays a video game to save his money and the ending will be a cliffhanger worthy of Breaking Bad. 

With prospects like this, it's certaintly still up in the air whether Community will recieve a forth (and likely final) season. NBC's 'experiment' will likely go a long way in detereming that, so the best way to help out is to tune in for all three on May 17th. 


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