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NBC’s Wonder Woman Will Wear “Little Shorts”

NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt told TVLine.com last week that there is a third outfit in Wonder Woman's closet. The first pictures of the heroine in costume released in mid-March, with the shiny blue pants and boots, did not win popular acclaim and even caused quite a stir in some circles. Those fans felt empowered, but not quite satisfied, when leaked photos from the pilot's set showed what they assumed to be an updated version of the outfit with red boots, patriotic stars, and a more sober fabric for the pants. Which brings us back to the interview last week.

“There was an initial outcry about the long pants – you know, skintight pants as opposed to those little shorts,” Greenblatt said. “But the shorts were always planned. They are actually used in the final confrontation [in the pilot] when she beats Veronica Cale [the villainess].”
“We haven’t made any changes from what was planned,” the executive added.
If they haven't made any changes from what was planned, we should expect to see the shiny pants as well, if the series is picked up, right? The network ordered the pilot, which is now in production and carries with it the hopes of fans who would like to see new adventures of their favorie Amazonian princess (played by Adrianne Palicki).

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