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NC Soft Unveils Wildstar MMO

NC Soft, the company behind City of Heroes, Guild Wars, Aion and Lineage showed off their new MMO today at Gamescom.  It's a sci-fi adventure set in outer space, and seems to emphasize humor and cartoony design over realism.

It is being developed by Carbine Studios, a self-described "Bunch of gamers looking to make the Next Great MMO".  Details and media are scarce at this point, but we have a few screenshots below.

While the teaser trailer doesn't show any in-game footage, we do see three characters of of three different races (Including a purple furry cat/bunny girl) who seem to fall into the the MMO archetypes of Tank, Mage and Damage Dealer.  

You can see the launch trailer below and a little more about the game on the new Wildstar website.


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