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Ned The Chainsaw Guy #1

Ned is just your ordinary monster killer! Today he has been given the job of hunting down tentacle-type monsters that pose as little girls to lure their victims in. Of course there's an easier way to dispose of them, you simply chop off their heads. This really isn't a problem for Ned considering he carries a giant sword with a chainsaw edge surrounding it. He and his friend Toadie (a Minotaur) converge on a busy city street to make quick work of the little monsters.

Afterwards, they catch a train to a hopping nightclub named the Drip to deliver the severed heads. Ned is pretty famous, what with his bulging muscles, hockey mask and blood soaked clothes, but that doesn't stop the bartender from swooning him. Yes it's a very different world that Ned lives in with Blue waitresses and demonic looking bouncers, so it's easy to see why the ladies find him attractive.

https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/NEDtCG_1-1.jpgOnce inside, the owner, Ryder takes a special interest in him. She can assume the form of other people she touches so she secretly replaces the bartender. Meanwhile, Toadie is being given some special attention from a beautiful blonde admiring him from a far. Ryder decides to put on a special strip tease for Ned (don't worry it's PG-13) and changes into a familiar face for Ned. Perhaps a little too familiar as Ned goes off the deep end and puts his blade against her throat. Ryder reverts to her real form to prove that she's not the woman Ned thinks she is, confusing him even more.

Right off the bat the art for this issue is great. It's very enjoyable and fun to read. Everything is very bubbly with tons of lighting effects for each panel. It certainly has a cartoon feel to it along the lines of Heavy Metal, but less mature and a lot nicer to look at. The book is heavy on the T&A, but in a good 90's way. It's not too over the top and it's why a lot of guys read comics. Creators Oren Kramek and Omar Goodovich put together a solid product with the art.

The story isn't radically new, but it's interesting enough and the art really does a lot of the work. Ned and company are more of character types rather than true characters. Toadie is the crappy side-kick that always needs saving, but he rules the school in his Hawaiian shirt. Ned is the brutal hero that shoots first and asks questions later, while Ryder is the one with the brains and the body.

Ned the Chainsaw Guy is a little outrageous, but it doesn't take itself too seriously and makes for a fun read. Big Dog Ink and the creators have interesting series started with a promising second issue underway. If you'd like more information about Big Dog Ink check out their website at BigDogInk.com and head over to NedtheChainsawGuy.com for more from the creators.

Story – 7.5

Art – 8.5

Color – 8.7

Overall – 8.2

It's great to support independent publishers so pick the book up and give it a shot. Follow Dustin on Twitter and give Big Dog Ink a shout out in the comments below.



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