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The End is Nigh… The End Times of Bram and Ben That is!

The Rapture has come and gone in my most anticipated mini-series of January 2013, The End Times of Bram and Ben. The blessed have been taken to heaven, along with Bram, a self-centered sinner who went to heaven only because of a clerical error. Now, Bram is back on earth and he is the only one who knows what heaven looks like. With some help from his morally conflicted roommate Ben, Bram will try to get some ambition in his life. Hopefully without their friendship – or the world – ending. This will be the first creator-owned series of James Asmus, writer of Thief of Thieves and Gambit.  Asmus will be writing The End Times of Bram and Ben with writer and comedian Jim Festante. Some expect some humor and insanity. The comic will also be drawn by a newcomer of the comics scene, European artist Rem Broo. Asmus, raised Catholic, comments on the story of the rapture: The End Times and Bram and Ben #1 Cover "Despite the giant, colorful, violent elements of the Biblical apocalypse—this isn't a 'religious story… The real story Jim and I were excited to tell is one that shows a bunch of people reacting to one earth-shaking question: What do you do when you discover that reality isn't what you thought—and you're about to be punished for getting it wrong?"  His writing partner Festante added that this mini-series will be talking about life’s big questions, like: "Why does religion paint morality as black and white? Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people? If you're doing what Satan wants, why would he torture you for eternity? Um, we're not sure, but End Times is a nice break from pondering deep theological thoughts."  The American comics newcomer Broo said The End Times of Bram and Ben is the comic he has always wanted to read, and is happy he gets the opportunity to do the artwork: The End Times and Bram and Ben #2 Cover "I think I was the first true fan of this comic… I have never asked James and Jim what's going to happen in the script of the next issue. So, for almost two years now I lived the story as intensely as the comic characters I was drawing." The End Times of Bram and Ben will span four issues. The first issue became available in stores on January 9th, 2013 with 32 colored pages and a cover by Jim Mahfood. The issue is selling for $2.99.  Each issue of the mini-series will have a cover by a different comic book legend, including Juan Doe (Legion of Monsters), Ben Templesmith (FELL, 30 Days of Night), and J.A.W. Cooper (LA Weekly). I love how unique this title sounds and how some new blood is coming into the comic book world. Here’s to hoping this title, which could be capable of being both funny and dark, will have me laughing and crying. Or it could have me ranting. We'll see soon enough. The End Times and Bram and Ben #3 Cover


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