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Nemesis Hardcover – Review

"First of all, may I congratulate you on your success against a most formidable opponent. You succeeded where many significant others failed and deserve all the accolades paid to you in the media" perhaps this quote from Nemesis is best suited to the extraordinary, creative team of this four issue, mature miniseries, published by Marvel's creator own banner Icon. The third collaboration between Mark Millar and Steve McNiven. The creators of Marvel's Civil War and Old man Logan. This time together in their own book. Althogh this series is short and came out a while ago, the collected hardcover edition was released to non direct market readers this month.

So what does this series offers? it gives the readers the right dose of brutal, adrenaline-driven-needle-in-your-eye-action. With McNiven drawing with a keen, modern, cinematic eye on the page. The readers are injected into a sequential movie, rather than the ordinary sequential art comic book.  McNiven's art has always been impressive but is his storytelling technique that has grown; portraying and developing the right rhythm, panel to panel, making this book a joy just to look at. Heck, you can read the story without the word balloons.
Don't get any wrong ideas the story of Nemesis is refreshing. This time the villain is the protagonist as we see his elaborate, malevolent plan to destroy Washighton's number one chief of police, Blake Morrow. Morrow, is not his first target, Nemesis has already spread chaos all over Japan and other countries, killing countless policemen and civilians. Is Nemesis, a real threat? Well the C.I.A. think so as Nemesis makes sure that America knows he's coming by sending a letter saying the time the chief of police will die and kipnaping the President. The series becomes a cat and mouse chase as the Chief tries everything to catch Nemesis; yet every move the chief does, fulfills Nemesis' master plan. 

As always Mark Millar's script is fun. This book still shows that Millar reinvigorates the market for using simple concepts and twisting them into cool crazy ideas that don't fall into self contain uninteresting cliches. Although the story is not character driven like kick-ass, at the end of the story we don't know who Nemesis is nor do we get any chance for any backstory on any of the other characters. Our time is focused on the chief of police, Marrow and he's the only character that we get to know for bit. Frankly, Nemesis won't get to be a renown character like Superman or Batman mainly because he is just a bad guy in a white costume. But for a four issue series its well crafted and to the point.

This story could easily be transported into a wild, action packed movie. I don't want to spoil this story since it is so short, but it does have twist and turns as to why Nemesis is doing this. Is it a personal vendetta? is he crazy? is he part of something bigger? You'll get your answers and maybe more questions, since the finale of the story leaves you craving for more as we discover that this book could be the first chapter of a bigger story. I must warn you, that this book felt like it was written for a movie rather than a comic as the story and pace was a bit dumb downed for a more Hollywood mainstream audience.

Ok, this book is cool but is not groundbreaking and hey, is a pricey book too. Specially if your getting the $19.99 hardcover, but does it entertaint? Yes, if you like Kick Ass and don't mind a good dose of ultra violent. If you are into Millar's unique cynical stories and don't mind georgeous art, then by all means this is the book for you. I'm sure we'll see this book in a movie theather soon but like our mysterious Nemesis said "you think I didn't plan all this?"



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