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Neonomicon #1- Review

H.P. Lovecraft is considered to be a major influence on horror. Even Stephen King has said he was influenced by him. Now, Lovecraft makes his impact on comics with Alan Moore's "Neonomicon", a comic showing the events leading up to the awakening of Cthulu.

Neonomicon starts off by giving an impending sense of doom with a statement claiming that Cthulu will soon arise (a god that is part of H.P. Lovecraft's created pantheon that will bring violence and disorder and eventually destruction of mankind) and nothing can be done to stop this. 

The story then opens up with two FBI agents on their way to a high security prison. It is revealed that the female agent, Merril, is recovering from a recent breakdown and the male agent, Gordon, is brushing it off as having been nothing serious.

Neonomicon #1 Wraparound CoverMoore then introduces us to a string of other characters that Merril and Gordon encounter during the story. They include an ex-agent with a violent past and strong mental issues, and a mysterious unnamed character who the FBI duo encounter whilst following a lead in their investigations.

Throughout the storyline, Alan Moore has not shown us the same creative flare and dramatical buildup that he displayed when writing 'V for Vendetta'. His pacing of the story did not flow. Throughout important parts of the story it seemed like the story was stretched out to fill up most pages. In contrast however, he does redeem himself with a great buildup of suspense towards the end of the issue. He will have to try a little harder to reignite interest in the series that was being waited upon for a year and a half.

Jacen Burrows does a great job on the artwork, continuing the artistic style he used for the series Crossed. Juanmar make an excellent use of a dark palette of colours that add a sense of gloom to each panel.

Story – 6.5

Art – 7.5

Overall – 7.0



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