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Netflix and The CW to Finalize Speedier Streaming Deal

Netflix and The CW are expected to announce a new deal that will enable fans of CW series such as Flash and Supergirl to catch new episodes at a more accelerated pace. Under the proposed deal, full seasons of CW series would become available on Netflix less than two weeks after the final episode of a given season has aired. CW series have been available on Netflix since 2011, but viewers had to wait months after a season ended before they could watch it. Thus, the expanded pact by The CW and Netflix will benefit audiences who prefer to binge watch series via a streaming service rather than watch individual episodes on live network television. netflix-logo In addition to Netflix, Hulu also offered CW shows to streaming service subscribers. The CW’s current deal with Hulu allows subscribers to stream the five most recent episodes (also known as “rolling five”) of a given CW series. However, it appears that The CW will allow its current deal with Hulu to expire at the end of the year after negotiations between the two sides broke down. Audiences looking for an in-season streaming experience will be funneled to The CW website. The deal between The CW and Netflix, which should become official later on this week, is expected to last five years. It will also grant Netflix full access to CW series after they have go off the air. While the financial parameters of the deal have yet to be revealed, industry experts expect it to be the largest of its type with an estimated figure exceeding $1 billion. The CW, Netflix and Hulu all declined to comment on the story, but you can be sure that Entertainment Fuse will have more information as events develop.


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