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Netflix Orders Eli Roth-Directed Horror Series

Given the success of FX's foray into the TV-horror genre with Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story, it's of no surprise that other networks also want to take a stab at the lucrative genre. There's clearly a rabid fan-base looking for scares and thrills.

The streaming service Nextflix continues to compile an impressive line-up of original programming, as they've enlisted Eli Roth, the gore-hound behind the very bloody Hostel films, to helm their new horror TV series Helmlock Grove, which is based upon Brian McGreevy’s upcoming novel of the same name.

There's very little in the way of details right now, but what we do know is that the series revolves around solving the murder of a young girl who may have been killed by a supernatural creature. The series has been issued 13 episodes. Eli Roth hasn't been behind the camera since Hostel: Part II, although he has produced plenty of horror films since, including The Last Exorcism.

Hemlock Grove will join David Fincher's House of Cards, along with Orange Is the New Black from Jenji Kohan (the creator of Weeds), as well as the exclusive rights to the new Arrested Development in Nextflix's impressive first dip into original programming.


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