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Netflix Releases 13 Reasons Why Trailer

Netflix announced last year that it would be adapting the popular YA novel 13 Reasons Why with Selena Gomez on board as an executive producer. Now that series (by the same name) has its first trailer, which Gomez revealed on social media. Gomez described the trailer on Instagram as, “a peek at a passion project” she’s been working on. 13 Reasons Why is about the suicide of a high school girl named Hannah who leaves behind a shoe box full of cassette tapes to pass along to her classmates. In the trailer, Hannah explains to twelve of her peers how they each played role in her death. She says in the trailer, “If you want to know the truth, just press play." The show stars Katherine Langford, Christian Navarro, Michael Sadler, Justin Prentice (Awkward, iZombie), Devin Druid, Jillian Nordby, and Miles Heizer (Parenthood). All 13 episodes will be available to stream on March 31. Check out the trailer for 13 Reasons Why below! Are you excited for a modern-day teen focused Netflix show?


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