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Netflix Reveals Gilmore Girls Seasonal Posters

‘Tis the season for Gilmore Girls, regardless of the time of year. At least, that’s what the folks at Netflix thought in releasing a series of four seasonal posters to promote its upcoming revival of the beloved WB/CW comedy-drama. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is returning to Netflix as a four-part miniseries with each episode consisting of 90 minutes. To match the seasonal theme of the episodes—titled “Winter,” “Spring,” “Summer,” and “Fall”—a corresponding photo was commissioned. (The poster for “Winter” can be seen below.)


All four installments of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will be available on Netflix starting on November 25, which leaves it to viewers whether they want to binge watch them at once or parse them out over the next four seasons. For Gilmore Girls series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, the seasonal format allows fans to track the progress of Rory, Lorelai, and the rest of the cast since the series went off air in 2007. “It’s about three women at a crossroads in each of their lives,” said Sherman-Palladino. “I am very pleased with all four of [the episodes]. I feel like we accomplished what we set out to do, which is something I almost never say.” You can see the four seasonal photos for the upcoming series by visiting the Gilmore Girls Twitter page.


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