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Neverwinter Gameplay Revealed in E3 Trailer

The Neverwinter Nights games are still some of the best Dungeons & Dragons games around and a trailer showing the gameplay of the new game Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter was released in time for this year's E3.

While it was initially touted as a MMO, Neverwinter is now an online cooperative action RPG. While most MMORPG's aren't known for their storylines, developer Cryptic promises that the game will have an epic and expansive storyline for you to play through. 

Much like the previous games, it will be set in the city of Neverwinter and the gameplay systems are based on the current 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons ruleset which has been brought to life using the Cryptic game engine. Cryptic are aiming to replicate the D&D experience in Neverwinter and the game will allow you to play through adventures with both your friends and AI companions.

The previous Neverwinter games (Developed by Bioware and Obsidian) had featured powerful toolsets which allowed gamers to create their own adventures, and the new game will be no different. It will offer a very user friendly modding experience and will allow you to create and share your adventures with other players.


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