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New 5.2 inch OLED mobile screens unveiled by Japan Display

On April 3rd, the joint developing business Japan Display unveiled a new 5.2 inch OLED screen. The smartphone display supports full 1080p resolution, with an impressive 423ppi (pixels per inch). The screen looks beautiful not only from the higher resolutionand pixel count, but also the use of a RGBW color scheme. On standard RGB screens, a white pixel is represented by mixing the colors red, green, and blue and the highest intensity to simulate the color white. The new screen adds in a white subpixel which allows unfiltered light through producing bright whites and better shades of grey. Also without the needed energy to produce the white from RGB combination, the new subpixel will save battery life. The screens will be sold for Sony, Toshiba, and Hitachi future phones.

When compared to current phones and tablets screens on the market it hold up very strong. The Samsung Galaxy Note Super AMOLED 5.5 inch screen with 720 x 1,280 display has 267ppi (The brightest and deep blacks make up). The Optimus G Pro (the other major phablet) has a True Full HD IPS Plus LCD and pixel density of 400 ppi with 1080 x 1920 resolutions. Other major LCD phones are about the same with the HTC One at 468ppi and Sony Xperia Z at 443ppi. While you should remember its hard to truly compare screen resolution since some screens support various types of subpixels or screen types.

Japan Display is a joint business venture from the three Japanese tech giants. The new of the new screen come right off the official news from April 1st that the three companies officially converted their currently display producers. The new titles are Japan Display West Inc., which was Sony Mobile Display Corporation; Japan Display Central Inc., previously Toshiba Mobile Display Co., Ltd; and Japan Display East Inc., which was called Hitachi Displays, Ltd.


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