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New Apps Hit the WP8 Store

As a personal user of the Windows Phone 8 platform, I can only admit the well known sad truth of its current state. While, the overall experience is functional, custumizable, and creative; The app store is a barren wasteland of subpar, usually rehashed apps that only hit bare minimums of what smartphone users expect from services like Facebook, Twitter, or even just a free game(yes we sadly expect things from free apps now). Now luckily there is some signs of change and the only six month old operating system is starting to pick some steam. Over these past few weeks there has been some what of a spike of content with some new/improved apps.

Most of the apps only help to fill the "required" apps for any smartphone, but the additions are still helpful. Some of the biggest additions came from the release of a finally truly realized Youtube App. Previously the app was no more than a shortcut to the mobile version of the site, the new app takes full use of the Window's tiles functions, and adds simple functions like being able to play videos with the screen locked. Hulu Plus also added a dedicated app for users of the service, which offers relatively expected functionality. Others apps to come out recently include Tumblr, NBC News, GoComics, and the unofficial instagram client, Itsdagram. Other apps have been redesigned. The Facebook Beta app came out last week which more or less just gives you the same app as the iOS or Android versions. Foursquare also got an update which does add a good amount of new features.

No such good news can be said for the games though. Just a little over a week ago Microsoft announced a list of new games, that mostly just disappointed. The two year old original Temple Run came out just recently, and out of the rest of the games, only two show up on iphone or android featured lists.

It’s nice to see Microsoft bring more when it come to WP8 but there is still a lot to be desired. So get what you can for now, but I’m still hopeful that more content will come.


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