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New Arc Begins in Black Science #22 From Image Comics

Black Science, the sci-fi pulp adventure epic from writer Rick Remender and artist Matteo Scalera, returns for a new arc with Black Science #22 in July. The Image Comics series will bring back the crew of time and dimension travelers headed by Grant McKay in the five-part story “We Say Goodbye to Ourselves.” Black Science combines elements of classic sci-fi adventures like The Black Hole with a more contemporary approach to complex storytelling.   Black Science #22 i1   In Black Science #22, Grant has become desperate to rescue his daughter, leading him to make a dangerous decision that could threaten a peace established between three advanced races, putting all of the dimensions in peril. “We Say Goodbye to Ourselves” is said to have a bigger sense of action and will likely still incorporate the complicated characters and surprising twists that have made the first twenty-plus issues of the series stand out.   Rick Remender is known for his work with Marvel Comics (Captain America, Uncanny Avengers, and others) but he has been writing a number of series for Image Comics for a few years, including LOW and Deadly Class. With Black Science, he teamed up with Matteo Scalera (Deadpool), an artist with a distinctive, wiry style and a dynamic sense of action.   Black Science #22 i2   Remender said that the new arc is in a very different direction. “A hard-earned optimistic appraisal might just lead to a hard-earned victory for Grant McKay. All of the pieces we've set up begin to converge. A new cast member will take the spotlight. An encounter with a strange sorceress will lead to a character defining choice that will change one Dimensionaut forever. We have more exciting new worlds, illustrated masterfully by Matteo, that alone is worth the price of admission.”   Black Science #22 will be published by Image Comics on July 6th. Four trade paperback volumes of the series have been released by Image with the fourth, Godworld, just coming out in late May. Also available is a hardcover omnibus, The Beginner’s Guide to Entropy, which collects the first three arcs of Black Science.


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