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New Avengers # 6 – Review

Welcome to another review! This time we’re going to try something a bit different. For those of you that want the short and skinny: Score, summary of thoughts on the book. We have that for you. If you’re looking for a more in depth review that sums up the story and talks about the different components of the issue, then fear not… we have that too! So enjoy the review and feel free to let us know if you like the new review format.

The Short Version

An Avenger dies, a villain is defeated and Bendis ends the first storyline of the New, New Avengers disappointingly. Also, Wolverine is a total wimp… seriously didn’t he used to be a bad ass? Also when does Dr. Strange get his redemption? Damn haters.

The Long Version

New Avengers # 6Issue six wraps up the magical mayhem that’s been attacking the New Avengers and all of New York. In the last issue the group made up of: Luke Cage (leader), Jessica Jones, Ms. Marvel, Iron Fist, Wolverine, Spiderman, Mockingbird and the Thing… teamed up with Steven Strange, Doctor Brother Voodoo (and his brother) and Damien to send Wolverine to fight Agmatto. I’m sorry for that last sentence, but there really is no better way to explain it. Basically the group send their spirit/energy into Wolverine so that he can go kill Agamatto who wants his eye back.

Well after a really long boring fight, Doctor Brother Voodoo’s brother (said that way intentionally) joins Wolverine in the fight thus breaking the rules of engagement. All hell breaks loose and Doctor Brother Voodoo joins the fight. He manages to kill Agamatto, destroy the Eye of Agamatto (The magic that protects the Universe) and get himself killed in the process.

First of all… when the hell did Doctor Brother Voodoo become an Avenger? I didn’t even have to read this issue to know that he was the one that was going to be taking a dirt nap. Just look at the cover! Luke Cage? Not going to kill. Ms. Marvel? Too hot to kill. Steven Strange? Making a Disney movie for him. Wolverine? I wish they would kill! Mockingbird? Just brought her back, so I don’t think so. Let’s see who’s left… Doctor Brother Voodoo! I think it was the name that sent him to an early grave.

The story for this issue was really disappointing. Compared to the other two Avengers books that Bendis is writing, this one stood out as being the best. That being said the conclusion of this storyline was so lack luster and predictable that it really shows that Bendis doesn’t know what to do after imposing eternal doom. He’s great at setting a stage that is so bleak for our heroes that you honestly think that they may not come out of it alive, but then fails to create an incredible feat showing them overcoming it. Literally Doctor Brother Voodoo makes a light ball, which then kills everything… except Wolverine.

If you’re expecting a lot out of this story then hopefully I’ve let you down easily, otherwise you’re in for disappointment. Bendis and team fall short of delivering the goods that they’ve been promising and yet still manage to be the best of his Avengers books.

Story – 6.9

Plot – 8.0

*Spider-man – 1.0

*Wolverine – 1.0

*Thing – 10.0

Art – 8.5

Overall – 6.0

*Ratings for characters based on annoyance in the storyline.



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