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New Batch of Screenshots for Battlefield 3 Single-Player

Electronic Arts released some new screenshots for this month's biggest game.  They show what players will experience in the single-player campaign of Battlefield 3 as they battle their way through the Middle East.  Included among them are shots of the cockpit view of fighter jets that will be pilotable in the game.

The first mission will be to assassinate the architect who designed this lopsided building.

Players will receive authentic military training in tactics like "Follow", "Shut up", "Do as you're told", and "You're not paid to think, Private!"

There will be exciting vehicular missions, like checking the flaps, re-calibrating the altimeter, and changing the brake fluid.

The final boss fight will involve tracking down the leader of a gang of street punks, and making him clean up all this grafffitti.

Check back with us in the weeks ahead for more preview coverage of Battlefield 3, and have a look at our feature on which military shooter is for you, Battlefield or Call of Duty.


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