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New Batman Arkham City Screenshots

The game is still about six months away, but the PR folk at Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment are steadily releasing tantalizing morsels of information about the next installment in the Arkham Asylum series.  It's just a thinly veiled attempt to build an irresistible juggernaut of hype over the new Batman game, but hey, we're glad to play along because we here at Player Affinity are as excited about this game as anyone else.

We have the chance to see some of locations where Batman will be battling bad guys in the new game, which takes place in a section of Gotham City that has been walled off to house its worst criminals, Escape From New York style.

The Joker and his new pack of henchmen have a new headquarters that they're calling the Fun House, and we can see Batman using the franchise's trademark Invisible Predator tactics to sneak up on the goons.  Gameplay has been confirmed to use many of the same playstyles, so expect the chance to slowly pick off goons one by one until you're left with just one guy to torment.

The new batch of screenshots gives a good look at some of the character models in action.  This is our first glimpse of what The Joker is going to look like in the new game, and he's creepy as ever.  Images of the redesigned Harley Quinn have been previously released, but do enjoy this extra look at her dressed up in the new dominatrix clown outfit. 

Finally we have a shot of some nameless thug who's about to get clobbered.  Note Batman swooping in from the upper right corner.  Many media snippets from the new game show Batman gliding around on his cape, so this might be the developer hinting that we'll get more opportunities to fly in the new game.

Batman Arkham City comes out in Q3 2011, for PC and consoles.  Expect yet more preview coverage here in the months to come.


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