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New Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer ‘Gotham is Mine’

"It showcases, amongst other things, the roster of villains you'll be up against in Batman: Arkham Knight"
Yesterday everybody got all hot and bothered about the (not very surprising news) that Batman: Arkham Knight would be rated M for Mature. Today though we've gotten something infinitely more meaningful: A hot new trailer for this hot looking game.

Dubbed the 'Gotham is Mine' trailer, it focuses on the Scarecrow and the rogue's gallery of Batman villains that he's gathering to launch a big bastard of a war on poor Brucey. We get glimpses of all these villains, along with Batmobile gameplay and just some general Batman beating the shit out of thugs footage. All rendered in what has to be some of the most gorgeous graphics I've ever seen.
Batman: Arkham Knight launches on June 2nd for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Frankly, that date can't come soon enough.


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