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New Battlefield Hardline Trailers Showcase Single Player & Rescue Mode

EA's Gamescom press conference yesterday brought us two new trailers for Battlefield Hardline. The first is a fairly lengthy showcase of the game's single-player, demonstrating EA's claims that the campaign will be less linear than the last couple of Battlefield campaigns. It actually resembles Far Cry 3 at points with the more freeform way in which the combat scenarios can be approached.

The second shows off the game's 'Rescue' multiplayer mode, the rules of which will be instantly familiar to anyone who's played Counter-Strike. One team plays SWAT operatives going in to rescue hostages from the opposing team of player-controlled criminals. And, much like Counter-Strike, there are no respawns.

Does this new approach to single-player for the Battlefield franchise get you excited? Does Rescue mode sound like something you'd enjoy? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.


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