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New Bioshock Infinite Trailer With A Twist

A new trailer for the eagerly awaited Bioshock Infinite has been released today which may be slightly different to what many would expect. The trailer does not contain any gameplay, but focuses more on the backstory and universe of the game which is one of the best parts of Bioshock games. Let’s check it out:

I think it is a pretty awesome trailer if I say so myself. Stuff like this is exactly what hardcore Bioshock fans love and the amount of care and production that goes into these games is clear for all to see. You can tell that Ken Levine and his team at Irrational Games really care about their product and aren’t just into making games for money, but wanting to tell a real story like the true auteurs of the medium that they are.

The faux Sci-fi documentary feel mixed with a slight propaganda twist is just fantastic and makes me even more excited for the game’s release which couldn’t come any sooner. We will have more coverage on Bioshock Infinite as the final weeks before launch get shorter and shorter.


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