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New Bioware Game, Alan Wake Sequel and MGS Rising to Be Shown at VGA’

It has been confirmed that at the upcoming VGA's, Bioware, makers of Dragon Age and Mass Effect, will be showing off their next big game for the first time that surprisingly is an entirely new IP.  It could very well be their first big title to release on the next wave of consoles, which would be very cool to see. Though I can only assume it will be a pre-rendered teaser of some kind.

We will also be seeing Alan Wake's sequel in some form. And the third big game to be confirmed is none other than Metal Gear Rising, which Konami has been silent about since E3 2010, so this could finally be some proper gameplay and perhaps even a solid date announcement.  Many speculated it might have been cancelled due to being quiet for so long, so it's awesome to know this isn't the case.  I can't wait to slice some watermelons.

The VGA's will air on SpikeTV December 11th.  Like me though, you might want to just stick around on GameTrailers.com and wait for the trailers and teasers to go online there.


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