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New Bioware Game Teased for VGAs

Bioware have released a teaser image for a trailer that fans will get to see at this year's Vide Game Awards Show. The teaser shows off a some highly detailed vehicular destruction in a desert setting of some sort. Check the image out below:

Last year's teaser image was quite a red herring, since the trailer ended up being for Mass Effect 3, although I doubt that this one will be the same as Bioware have said in the past that after Mass Effect 3, they were going to be releasing a new game franchise and it's quite possible this could be some sort of military/spy game in a similiar vein to Alpha Protocol or possibly a post apocalyptic game. In fact, it's entirely possible that Bioware might be breaking from tradition and making something other than an RPG. 

While Bioware haven't released anything with the image to give fans further insight to exactly what this image is showing them, they'll be sure to find out exactly what Bioware is bringing their way once the final adventure of Commander Shepherd hits stores in March.


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